Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards, Weinberg & Nicholson, LLP is an “AV” ratedAn “AV” rating is given to attorneys who are ranked at the highest level of professional excellence for their legal expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards by their peers. litigation firm primarily engaged in medical malpractice and general tort defense, combining all of the advantages of a large firm’s support structure with a small firm’s personal service.

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The firm’s extensive experience has earned it a reputation for quality service combined with cost-containment in all aspects of its practice.

Medical Malpractice Defense

Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards, Weinberg and Nicholson, LLP provides services to its clients in a most cost-effective manner by relying upon its years of experience and expertise in the field of medical malpractice defense. Learn more.

Risk Management

In addition to successfully counseling and defending ongoing matters, we have also played a seminal role in trying to educate hospital personnel with an eye toward reducing the number of future lawsuits or regulatory investigations. Learn more.

Healthcare & Regulatory Law

Our healthcare and regulatory law practice has been on the cutting-edge of providing legal representation to medical professionals when they have become the target of State agencies. Learn more.

Municipal and Premises Liability

Our lawyers routinely handle municipal liability cases for the City of New York and all of our lawyers are well-versed in the legal responsibilities and the possible liabilities of New York State municipalities. Learn more.

Appellate Practice

In addition to our extensive trial experience, our firm boasts a robust appellate practice that has a well-earned reputation in both state and federal appellate litigation. Learn more.

Comptroller Hearings

We have handled 50-h hearings for the City of New York since 1998 and conduct an average of over 600 hearings per year. Learn more.

Labor Law

Our firm has handled matters for insurance carriers relating to § 200, § 240, and § 241(6) of the New York labor Law. Learn more.

Products Liability

We have the knowledge base and expertise to defend large and small companies in matters related to the alleged misuse of its products and services. Learn more.



Letter to Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) regarding David W. Sisskind, partner, SCDWN.

Thank you for taking my call on 3/3, the day I was waiting for the verdict on my case. Your assurance, the support of MLMIC and your kind encouragement was uplifting. I had spent one of the worst days of my life on 3/21, when the plaintiff was asking for $14,000,000. I felt that I would be losing everything I had worked for in 32 years.

Going through court (for the first time in my life) for 10 days, was the worst experience I have ever had. This led me to Angina, and I ended up in the hospital with stents in my heart on 3/20.

The only bright spot in this ordeal was David Sisskind, from the firm of Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards & Nicholson, LLP. Spending time with him before and during the trial, I was very impressed with his involvement diligence and knowledge of the case and of any medical conditions relating to it. I was also impressed with his insight and prediction in the court proceedings which reflect his good instinct and experiences. His performance, especially at the final summation, was second to none. His elegance and emotion, (opposite of his counterpart), added class to the proceedings. Mr. Sisskind put the facts in order, made them easy to understand for the jury, and was convincing. He reflected trust, honesty and sincerity. Finally, the verdict was on our side.

I am sending this letter to thank you and to commend David Sisskind for a job well done. Thank you MLMIC for assigning my case to such a proficient lawyer.


Marwan A., M.D.

Internal memo provided by MLMIC regarding Richard W. Nicholson, partner, SCDWN.

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company
Inter-Office Memo

TO:    Robert H.

FROM: Marge B.

RE:  Richard Nicholson, Esq. – Schiavetti, Corgan, DiEdwards & Nicholson

Richard Nicholson was the trial attorney on the Wyatt v. Park case that was tried in Supreme Kings before the Hon. Francois Rivera. Mr. Nicholson did an excellent job representing the insured and in the defense of the allegations that were put forth on behalf of the plaintiff.

While I had not observed Mr. Nicholson during his trial, he was the trial attorney on another case of mine that produced an excellent result for the insured. It is noteworthy to report to you how the jurors on the Wyatt case perceived Mr. Nicholson’s efforts in the Wyatt trial and the comments that were made by them in my presence.

As we discussed earlier, the jurors had high praise and admiration for his efforts from his opening statement to his cross examinations of the witnesses that had testified. They stated that he had done an excellent job and, if it were ever necessary, would want him to represent them and requested his business card for future contact. It should also be noted that a plaintiff’s attorney who had heard Mr. Nicholson’s opening statement had come forward to congratulate him on his excellent opening statement and stated that although he was “a plaintiffs’ attorney, he was rooting for him.”

Letter to Carl D. Weinberg, partner, SCDWN.

Dear Carl,

Words will not do justice in expressing my gratitude for all that you have done for me. I am deeply touched by your supreme effort throughout the course of the trial and your thoroughness in assisting in my preparations at each of our encounters. Your are not only an outstanding attorney but a great person. Your performances were truly impressive, for your have demonstrated not only great intellect but you have spoken with your heart. Because you cared, I was overwhelmed as the verdict was read. Finally, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. This was the climactic breaking point coinciding with the anniversary of our infant’s passing ten years ago this month and the sudden death of my younger brother seven months ago. However, seeing you up there fighting for my welfare and the favorable verdict, have validated my faith. Yes, there are many good people in the world and good things sometimes do come about.

I don’t know how to thank you enough, suffice to say if at all chance should have it for me to have an opportunity to serve you in ANY capacity in the future, this, will by my greatest honor. My family and I are forever indebted to you.

In this holiday season, I wish you and your family the BEST of everything in the years to come. Your deserve it.


Letter to Richard W. Nicholson, partner, SCDWN.


Nyack Hospital is standing a bit taller thanks to all your help on the KPMG case. I personally appreciate not only the immense amount of work you put into it but also your unusual reasonableness at every stage. I felt that the entire project was handled intelligently and responsibly, and I was genuinely pleased with the outcome. Above all, I appreciated the process being conducted as a partnership plus your confidence in us when others might have walked away.



Letter to Samantha E. Quinn, partner, SCDWN.

Dear Samantha,

I can’t thank you enough for all your help on the KPMG case but I’ll try!  While I can’t begin to imagine the particulars, I have a general sense of just how much work went into bringing this case to conclusion. I appreciate first of all the team effort and tenacity; others would have given up sooner. More important, I am pleased and proud of the way you represented us at every stage. I believe we were well informed and acted as partners throughout.



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